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Master Craftsmen in the
Woman Footwear

Lorenzo Masiero was born the 21st July 1946 in Padua, a city 30 km closed to Venice. At 11 years old started to work in the shoes market making the first originals hand made stitched loafers.

At 16 years old he began his true artisan experience in an important Venetian company, he improved himself and all his handmade essential techniques, he started to realize an high quality footwear, studying the application of different leather.

After few years, Lorenzo Masiero became production and design manager, through Lorenzo’s creativity and technique skills the company grow up and prospered. In 1991 Lorenzo Masiero decided to realize an handmade product that bring his name and where he put all his craftsmanship and his creativity that identify himself; in this way started Lorenzo Masiero’s Company.

In the first years Lorenzo worked with his sister and brother and after also with his three sons: Luca, Monia and Erika that decided to carry on the activities and the company founded by their father.

From many years Masiero’s have been realizing unique products and in particularly their stretch boot without stitching in an unique piece, nowadays nobody knows the technique to realize it.

Masiero’s craftsmanship allows to product boots and “sacchetto” shoes with a special lambskin leather usually utilized for clothes and gloves. This material is very soft but very difficult in realizing shoes; wearing a footwear made in this material gives indescribable comfort sensation to women.

Nowadays Lorenzo’s sons, with twenty years experience gained, manage Masiero Lorenzo Company and they can still rely to Lorenzo’s sixty years of experience. The craftsmanship, know-how, skills and competences are jealously safeguarded with the hope to pass that on their sons.

Masiero’s are connected in the territory and the artisan company belongs to the Riviera del Brenta shoes district near Venice; the company realizes all the products completely inside the factory and relies to many suppliers, specialized manpower and company network inside the district.

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